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Welcome to the July edition of Move The Needle, by Ford Hastings. 

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Raising Money For Action Medical Research

Joe has been training all year for the 31st August 'Race The Sun' Lake District Race, to raise money for Action Medical Research for children.

Action Medical Research are the leading UK charity funding vital research to help defeat the diseases that devastate the lives of sick and disabled babies, children and young people.

The race is a 50 mile cycle, hike to the summit of England’s second highest mountain – Helvellyn at 3,116ft (7.5 mile hike); and canoe a 3km course on Lake Thirlmere.

We have a £2,000 donation target. If you'd like to help, please donate here.

Joe Thomsett Action Medical Research

1. Move The Needle On Your Mindset

After being recommended this by a few of our podcast guests, we read incredible book 'Mindset' by Carol Dweck.

Essentially, by adopting a growth mindset, we can achieve so much more in our life.

What is a growth mindset?

  • It's a belief that you can develop your ability in anything.
  • This comes with hard work, trying new strategies, and seeking input from others.
  • Praise the process, but tie it to the outcome.

How do you adopt a growth mindset?

  1. Embrace your fixed mindset.
  2. Become aware of your fixed mindset triggers.
  3. Give your fixed mindset persona a name.
  4. Educate your persona on the growth mindset.
  5. Repeat 4 until you adopt growth mindset behaviors.

If you're interested in cultivating your mindset to improve your performance across your life, then buy the book.

Move The Needle - Read Mindset by Carol Dweck

2. The Power of Imperfect

Building on the growth mindset mentality, it's important to highlight the power of getting started.

The ability to take decisions is what dramatically impacts our lives.

When we have an idea for something, we often stop ourselves from developing and releasing it for fear of failure, being judged, not being good enough etc.

If we can remove that limiting belief, and get started, it's the process that allows us to grow and develop. Have a vision to aim for, but realize it's the journey you take that makes you grow.

Don't believe me? Well, have you heard of Joe Rogan? He runs the biggest podcast in the world, with nearly 6m YouTube subscribers. Last year, he made circa $50m from it.

Watch his first ever episode, made in January 2013. It's poor. You'd never have predicted his future from it. So take inspiration, get your first version out, get feedback, learn, develop and grow.

3. What Is Leadership?

We recently wrote a 3,500 word guide on leadership.

It's based on a detailed Jordan Peterson podcast. We use the podcast to tease out the lessons and summarize them in guide form.

What is Leadership? Are you Born With It? Can it be learned?

Studying the podcast, we can gather that:

  • Leadership is an emergent property
  • Leadership is context specific
  • There are a set of commonalities found in some leaders

Read the guide here.

4. Embeddable Lead Forms

Upscribe is an incredible marketing tool that allows you to embed forms and popups into your website or Medium blog.

The popups have exit intent built in as well as lead magnets; allowing you to offer pdfs, audio and video in exchange for an email address.

Upscribe informs you of new subscribers and plays nicely with email providers like Mailchimp and tools like Slack.

It's super easy to use and highly recommended. Check it out here.

5. Want To Sell Your Business? Check Out KBS Corporate

KBS Corporate completed 60 deals in the first six months of 2019, retaining their position at the top of the UK rankings in the Refinitiv Small-Cap Financial advisory review.

KBS are partner of Ford Hastings. If you'd like an introduction in order to scope out selling your business, send me an email and we'll set it up :-)

Have a great day!

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Joe Thomsett

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