Control the NED recruitment process, with expert support from Ford Hastings.

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We both find candidates. We project manage. You get the right hires.

Do you need a Non-Executive Director to grow your business or fulfill investor requirements?

Do you have Non-Executive Director candidates in mind? Or have you been told to interview someone?

Or would you just like to have some control over the search process?

Or keep your costs down?

But still have a top quality search process?

In partnership with a reputable search firm? A firm with 20+ years of successfully finding world class Non-Executive Directors?

To make sure you get the best person for the role?

So that you can grow your business. Or expand into new markets. Or improve the sales team. Or fulfill investor obligations. Or raise investment.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Introducing the FH NED Recruitment Project Management Service…

FH NED Recruitment Project Management Service
FH NED Recruitment Project Management Service

Sounds good right? Could be for you? Take these people…

John, CEO and co-founder of £8m TO back office solutions company.

John needs a Non-Executive Director but likes to have some control over the process. He finds himself information gathering a lot but hasn’t got time to fully undertake the search process himself. He is time poor and in need of the hire. He would like a reputable outfit to help him project manage the process and ensure he isn’t missing anything.

Matt, Founder and CEO of luxury estate agency using digital marketing

Matt has grown his company to £3m in sales. He’s won many industry awards. He wants to hire a new Chairman to help guide him through the next phase of growth. He has some candidates in mind. He has thought about working with contingent recruiters to supplement the process but understands the contingent model isn’t geared up to supplying the best candidates, particularly when he already has people in mind. Having help to manage the process, without breaking the bank, would be very useful to him.

Sarah, Founder and CEO of £10 sales growing design agency.

Sarah would like to create an incredible non-executive director board ready to raise investment in the next 2 years. She doesn’t want to work with lots of recruiters. She wants quality candidates. She has some in house support. She wants a way to partner with a reputable company  to ensure she is getting the most from the process. As she has a number of hires, she wants a way to partner with someone without it costing lots of money and so likes the idea of the Project Management offer.

Full NED Recruitment Process Comparison…

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